July 25, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Ribodini

Week 29 in Argentina

Well so yeah my other mini missionary left and now I’m with a new mini missionary until August 21st haha. He seems pretty cool, his name is Elder Ribodini he is 18 and he is from Cabanas which is about 10 minutes from Recreo. As usual he speaks no English and he is the secretary of the Stake Presidency, how crazy is that. So yeah I picked him up this morning so that was cool. Mini missionaries are kind of popular especially right now because a lot of missionaries are leaving home early or finishing their mission and they need a lot missionaries to serve here. On Saturday we had a Ward activity and we played ping pong. Other people were playing soccer but missionaries can’t now because some missionary broke his foot playing and had to go home so no missionaries can play now haha. The activity started at 7 and I guess went until 11:30 but we left at 9:30. They caught a bunch of catfish, chopped them in 3 pieces and fried them, it actually was pretty disgusting. So our baptism is still set for the 30th and the others are still close, but just need a little more time to learn. Church was good I had to give a talk, they asked me Saturday night haha. They asked me to speak on the Atonement and I pretty much just shared some scriptures, explained the importance of the Atonement and bore my testimony. So yeah it was all good. You asked if we get fed by the Ward, we get fed on Tuesdays and Fridays that’s it, the Ward kind of ditched us haha. Teaching is going good, but I have had to talk the whole time the last 2 weeks, my comp never said anything haha. My clothes are still good just really big like all of my pants are huge so I only wear 1 pair that another Elder gave me and my shoes are fine haha. So yeah I am going to have to find somewhere to buy some more pants. My time is up enjoy the picture of my fish Pablo. Love you guys.

Elder Garrison


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