July 19, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Diaz

Week 28 in Argentina

(Excuse all of the “haha’s”—this is what Garrison writes, as tempting as it is to delete them, they are his words J)

So yeah my birthday was sweet. We grilled cow ribs and another cut of meat that I don’t know what it even was haha. We also grilled a 2 foot sausage haha. It all cost about 250 pesos which is like 18 bucks, it was so cheap but really good. Elder Gardner made cheesy potatoes too haha, it was a lot of fun. Elder Gardner and Elder Andrew also gave me goldfish for my birthday and its awesome haha. Tell everyone thanks for the cards they sent and the food was awesome. Between me Gardner and Andrew we ate the whole jar of peanut butter. Our investigators are going really good and we have a baptism next Saturday so that’s cool. Juan is getting baptized, he’s pretty quiet but he’s really nice and he likes going to church so that’s cool. So I have another mini missionary companion. He name is Elder Diaz and he is 17 years old and from Santa Fe and he is here for his winter break. He doesn’t talk very much and he doesn’t really have a sense of humor. But probably because I just don’t know him that well haha. He is only here for another week and then who knows what. I guess it’s not so bad, I mean I try to teach him but he’s a little awkward so it’s hard, but he’s only 17 so yea. One good thing is that with all of my companions not being able to speak English, my Spanish is really good now and I feel really confident teaching, since I have to do most of the talking haha. So church was good. About 50 people come every week, but sometimes things are a bit unorganized. The heaters were broke so it was really cold, but it was all good. We are teaching about 3-4 others that are really close to baptism so that is cool too. So I need to go love you guys.

Elder garrison


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