June 6, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Arrigada

Week 22 In Argentina


You know I am going to be honest, this week sucked. We couldn’t leave the pension almost the whole week because of my companion. We left once and his chest like clinched up and he couldn’t move his left arm so yeah he’s sick. We called Hermana Perez and yeah, she told us we couldn’t leave so we basically just stayed in our pension all day, sleeping and studying. That makes you feel like crap after a while and then I felt a little home sick because your mind wanders. My companion’s girlfriend broke up with him and he said that was the only reason he went on a mission was for her, so yeah I think now he’s determined to go home. Friday we did go to the city and got McDonalds and talked about anything and everything. We left at 1 in the afternoon and got back at 7. We bought a soccer ball so we can play now, sort of, but it still sucks. My mission isn’t hard, I guess just because we couldn’t do anything this past week, it made it so boring. But maybe it’s just the depressing winter talking but I don’t know just nothing happening right now. We’ve already met every member in our area so we can’t even do that to use up time haha. Sunday was good but Gospel principles class was horrible. It was taught by the mission leader and he always teaches wrong things. But he just got released so that’s cool haha. Elder Gonzalo is the new mission leader now and he has been home for 4 months from his mission. He kind of has an ego but he knows what he is talking about so that’s cool. He talked to Elder Lalo (the old mission leader who teaches wrong things) and I guess made him mad so he left. So yeah that is basically how our Ward works, everyone fights haha. We have so many less active members because of past fights it’s crazy. I am going to try to really read my scriptures and figure out the answers I need in this area. Okay sorry so lame but really nothing to report, I did send pictures though haha. Love you guys.

Elder Tyson


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