May 23, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Arrigada

Week 20 in Argentina

Okay so last Monday night we taught 3 lessons to members who are active and less active and that is what we focused on the whole week pretty much, lessons with members. We got 10 lessons taught to different members and that was super good, almost the zone record of 11 haha. Tuesday we ate tacos with some investigators and I sang Argentinian songs. Yes you heard me right, this lady said that if I sang the song, “Tu me matas” then she would say the prayer. So my companion taught me it and yeah she said the prayer so it worked haha. Wednesday we didn’t do that much, we had a “mission meeting” and then ended it with playing the guitar and eating choripan, it was pretty sweet. So on Thursday and Friday we just met with different members and left messages with them. It is cool that they are trusting us because the Elders before never went to the members’ homes so that is why they took them both out. So me and my companion are living solo now. I don’t know what happened to the nice apartment all four of us were supposed to share, but it’s kind of nice because we have more space now with just the 2 of us. Oh yea my companion had an interview with the Mission President so afterwards we went to McDonalds and it was good, tasted just like McDonalds in the states. Me and my companion have a new challenge too. We have been drinking this drink called “pritty limon” and if you save 3 caps you can trade them in for a limited edition Simpsons cup. So yeah we have 5 so far and are buying another one today haha. We are also going to pick up our leather scripture covers they are going to be sweet. Oh yeah, Saturday I also interviewed this guy for baptism. He actually was taught by the Hermanas and is getting baptized this Saturday but they needed me to interview him. It was cool because I now can communicate pretty well. It was just a little awkward sometimes because I didn’t have anything to say but it was fine and I felt good about it. So I haven’t gotten any more calls from the Hermana’s crying thank goodness. They still have problems but I just make jokes with them and make them laugh haha. So you asked what ethnicity the members thought I was. I think I told one person I was Thai/Puerto Rican/American, but somehow it spread through the whole ward and now they think I’m Chinese. Anyone who is Asian is Chinese here haha. I told you my Spanish is good and my grammar part is getting better too. My companion is teaching me some Chilean slang that people here don’t understand so that I can communicate with the Mission President better. He is from the same city that the Mission President and his wife are from. I like my companion a lot, he’s super cool and we get along really good. Okay mom, I know you like to hear the spiritual stuff so this one’s for you. This happened a couple of weeks ago. Me and my companion were feeling down because all of our lessons fell through. So we prayed and felt that we should just walk down the next street. So we did and actually found an investigator outside of one of the member’s house that we were going to visit, so we ended up teaching him instead. I don’t know what ever happened to that guy (we couldn’t find him again, we literally lost him haha) but the fact that we listened to the Spirit and He led us to this guy was pretty cool. Well I am about out of time. I think we are going to go play soccer today somewhere. P-days are good but they go by really quick so it kind of sucks. Transfers are at the end of this week. This transfer went by so quick because the last one was 8 weeks and this one is shorter. Okay I’m actually out of time now.
Love you guys


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