May 16, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Arrigada

Week 19 in Argentina

Hey what’s up mom how’s it going haha. Sorry about writing so late, but we had a special P-day today. We played games in a huge park in Esperanza which was so fun and the park was really nice. Only one person got hurt, one of the Hermana missionaries tried to get a ball from the water and she fell in. She got a super deep cut on her foot and had to go to the hospital. It was really nasty. She wasn’t too upset though because she goes home this Saturday so it’s all good. Last P-day we just hung around the pension and chilled it was sweet. But Tuesday was rather interesting. We were at a zone meeting and the guy that was speaking told a funny joke so we all laughed, but this guy in my district he went psycho and yelled at us. He’s a moody little fella and said that he thought we were all being inappropriate for laughing at a joke in a meeting. I don’t know, he has his moments I figured it was just that time of the month for him haha. So then on Wednesday we had a “special” meeting during divisions with the zone leaders and our district. We basically just talked about stuff that might bug others. It’s all good now. On Thursday we found an investigator to teach. He is 26 and his family are members but he’s not. He said he has just started to read the Book of Mormon so we encouraged him to keep on reading it and set up another appointment for next weekend. Then we had the pension to ourselves for the rest of the day because the other two Elders had transmitas and were at the offices doing paperwork stuff. Friday was pretty boring. We didn’t have a lunch appointment so we ordered a pizza from this place we go to. We always go there so they just gave us there number, they are super nice. Saturday we had to go and get flu shots and my arm was super sore all day. My companion and I are really good right now. I guess you just have to get used to people and change a little haha. So our mission leader in the Ward is super nice but kind of weird and he is super old. He doesn’t really know that much and was teaching a lesson in Gospel Principles class and was teaching the wrong things haha. But it’s okay we helped him out haha. Church was good, our Ward is super friendly but it’s so cold here and the building was cold. We still don’t know when we are moving into our bigger pension hopefully soon. It’s so big and nice compared to where we are now I can’t wait. We are also going to ask for bikes so we don’t have to take the bus 10 minutes just to get to our area. There are only like 3 people in our Ward that have cars so it kind of sucks to get anywhere. The Elders in Esperanza have bikes so we are hoping to get them too. That would be sweet. Remember I told you about that guy who makes scripture cases? Well we ordered them last p-day and they should be done by Wednesday. I got Enos on the front and then the back is made of iguana skin they are cool. Okay so yea I am out of time love you guys.



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