May 9, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Arrigada

Week 18 in Argentina


So today’s email is a little different. We got to Skype with Garrison on Mother’s Day for over an hour and he said that on Monday’s P-day he would write a little but mostly spend the time sending us pictures. Well, after trying to send pictures and it being so slow and then nothing going through he gave up and in his words said, “These computers are crap and I’m not going to bother the guy because last night we bugged the heck out of him hahaha”. (On Mother’s Day when the 4 Elders went to Skype at the Cyber place, only 1 of the computers was able to Skype so this little Argentinian man is in the background running back and forth trying to figure things out. Two hours later we finally got to Skype and although it was a little blurry and hard to understand at times, none of us were complaining!) So, the following is a little from the Skype and what he wrote on Pday.

So today we are going to get trunkie after we order our leather scripture covers. We are going to go to our room, turn the lights off and listen to sad music haha just kidding. It was awesome talking to you guys, even if the boys really didn’t say too much, but there was a lot of people so I understand. So yeah, this guy makes scripture cases out of leather and he puts a picture of Jesus on the leather. They are so cool. That is what I am looking at now, trying to find an image of Jesus that I want him to put on my case. Then after we leave here he is going to meet us at our pension and take our orders. By the way, you guys tease me about my spelling, like ciber instead of cyber, well here they spell it ciber. They switch a lot of letters so that is why, not because I can’t spell haha. So after we talked to our families yesterday my companion wanted to go home, but then he talked to his girlfriend and she encouraged him to stay haha. But it was nice, we all got to talk to our families. Saturday was awesome. You know that lady in my old area that was pregnant and waiting to be baptized after she had her baby? Well she got baptized on Saturday and I got to go. She wanted me to baptize her but I couldn’t because I’m not serving there anymore but it was cool to go back and be there. Then after the baptism we went to my old pension and hung out with my old companion. It was fun. It’s cool that I am the leader, because I can make the rules haha, but I also have to deal with the problems. Like one of the Hermana missionaries called me and she was crying and upset. (One is from Argentina and one is from Peru.) She said they don’t understand each other. So I was like, “Ummm well you just need to stay positive and try to have patience and get along with each other.” I don’t know, I said some other stuff too haha. So our Mother’s Day lunch was yummy. We had rice of course and some sort of meat, I don’t really know what it was, but everything here is pretty bland anyways haha. I also had to bless the Sacrament today. Our Bishop is really cool and was telling us about his kidney stone, it was so big haha. I thought he had 7 girls but I think he has 8. Our Ward mission leader is in like his 50’s and he is super nice too. So as you noticed, I got my hair cut. It cost about 50 pesos ($4) but I don’t think the lady knew what she was doing. It’s really short on the sides and weird on top, I don’t care though. So I told you how I got burned last week with the hot water, well my hand feels better and I still like to hand wash my clothes. We just hang them out on the fence and so far its been fine. So yeah we are moving into a bigger pension in the next week or two. It is a lot bigger than our pension, like too nice for missionary’s haha. There are two big rooms and we will have our bunk beds in one room and desks in the other room for studying. There is also a big courtyard in the center that you can play soccer in, it’s that big. It’s starting to get really cold here. I have to wear a sweater everywhere now. So can you tell I’ve lost 25 pounds? My pants are all so loose now. I really don’t eat that much and we walk everywhere. I don’t eat breakfast and then we eat a big lunch at a member’s house and then maybe for dinner well buy some street food like empanadas or pizza but that’s about it. But it’s so laid back here, like I’m not kidding when I say things shut down from 12-5. Everyone takes a long siesta or visits, its crazy. Well that’s about it I’ve got to go. Love you guys.


(P.S. We finally convinced Garrison to speak in Spanish (he was embarrassed) and he sounded so good. He wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and then said a bunch of other things that no one understood. We videotaped it so we’ll have to go back and translate it. He was talking so fast that at first we thought it was someone else speaking, the faith to learn a new language is definitely out of our hands!)


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