May 2, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Arrigada

Week 17 in Argentina


Okay so this week was kind of boring, but I had a lot of divisions with the zone leaders and my district so maybe that is why. The area in my district is pretty crappy, meaning it has no investigators so all we do is contacts through members. On Saturday we had a Stake activity, kind of like a mini MTC, so all the missionaries went and we got paired up with one of the youth (my “companion was a 14 year old boy and again spoke no English haha). So we worked on contacts and we eventually got 140 contacts for Elder Andrew (who I shared a pension with before I was in Ayacucho). I don’t know, yesterday we just did contacts and set up appointments for this week so I’d say it was a good day. Guess what, I burned my hand haha, with Elder Gardner. So my companion was washing his clothes and he accidently pulled the faucet out when the water was at its hottest and it started filling up everywhere. So Elder Gardner tried to pull the plug out and when he stuck his hand in the water he screamed and said it was “hot as nuts” haha. So then I tried and yes it was true, it was hot as nuts haha. Our hands were so burnt and Elder Gardner even went to the hospital. He’s okay, he called Hermana Perez (Mission Presidents wife) and she takes things far but he’s fine now haha. So back to washing our clothes, I actually like hand washing my clothes because the water is warm and its freezing here so I don’t mind it at all. So my Ward has 60 members in it and we meet at 9:00am (actually every church here meets at 9:00am) and we are only about 5 minutes away from the church building. My Bishop is super cool and fast and testimony was cool too, all the members went up and bore their testimonies. So you’re probably wondering about how me and my companion are getting along. Actually we are getting along a lot better haha. I guess I have learned that I judge people too quickly so it’s cool now. So this Sunday we will get to skype, I’m so excited. It’s going to be weird because that is the only thing we are doing that day, I mean after church and studies at 6:30. I think we have about 45 minutes, hopefully a little longer haha. So I am out of time already, I’ll see you guys Sunday and have lots more to say. Remember I am the greatest missionary ever haha. It actually helps when you have a little ego mom, it boosts your confidence, especially when you say it sarcastically haha.

Love garrison


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