March 21, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 11 in Argentina


What’s up mom? Honestly this week was pretty good for slacking off and bad for lessons and members assistance. But anyways on Monday we went to the main city of Sante Fe and ate McDonalds, it was like 5 bucks for a big mac and everyone was saying how expensive it was and then after that we just walked around and asked people where we could play bowling. They sent us to a bar that’s open from 2-8, the weirdest hours ever because every other store opens at 9-12 then at 5 there is an hour break and then everything reopens from 5-10. So it’s kind of hard doing stuff on pday because in the hours when we can go do stuff everything is closed. Anyway we played bowling and pool and it was so cheap 3 bucks for an hour of pool and less than 2 dollars for bowling. On Tuesday a guy in the other ward got his call to San Antonio Texas, which was cool until one of the moms said that he wasn’t going to baptize anyone. She then went on to say that all North Americans are cold hearted, racist, and selfish. In return, I told her I didn’t like Argentina that much. I was kidding obviously but she didn’t think it was funny haha. Not much happened on Wednesday other than it was just super hot. On Thursday we had zone conference and it was basically the assistants making us feel like crap and telling us that we need to work harder. After we had interviews with the mission president it was super quick he asked 3 questions and that was it. And yes, he barely speaks any English so all our communication is done in Spanish. I asked him why we couldn’t drink mate (a drink made from herbs and sugar and hot water, it’s nothing special) and he said it’s because they pass around the same straw and we could get sick, but that doesn’t make sense because everyone shares cups here. Saturday was sweet, we got invited to some girls 19th birthday party and we ate choripan (you know the sausage with bread thingy that we eat like every week) as usual then we went and watched the game of Colon vs Union. They both are the soccer teams of Sante Fe and it was basically like the super bowl and every time they scored a goal the people let off there homemade bombs and shot there homemade guns. It was crazy. Our zone leaders told us to stay inside at night because it was dangerous haha. Our zone leaders are awesome and they think I’m super cool so that’s good. Then on Sunday it was super cold and wet and only 42/100 of our members came. They asked me and my companion to give a talk right before sacrament so I basically had to come up with something real quick, but it was fine I just talked about faith. Ok so some of your questions answered—that short guy in the picture from last week, his name is Raul. He is in our Ward and is super cool and he likes us a lot. Our Bishop is really nice too. He is like 50 or so and has a son who is 22 and served a mission in Brasil and just got married last week. His other son is 20 and is pretty cool but he doesn’t really do anything. Then he has a 12 year old daughter. They are one of the richer families in the Ward because they have a smart TV with a PS3. My clothes and shoes are fine too haha. Our investigator family keep cancelling lessons with us. They have been acting a little fishy lately but I don’t know why. My Spanish is really good now and I can communicate well. Also, it is freezing here at night and in the morning, I really wish I would have brought a thermal shirt to sleep in other than a T shirt and slippers would have been great because my feet are freezing, even with socks because the tile floors suck. Yes, our apartment is small, like it has 2 rooms, the kitchen and bedroom, and the bedroom can only fit a twin bunk bed it! Other than that I don’t know what else to say about it, but I have pictures. And seriously, it’s freezing in the mornings so slippers would be great haha. I am still keeping my journal and write in it every day. That’s cool that Aunt LaVerda and Paige gave me money, $100 can get me through a whole month easily, isn’t that crazy. Transfers this next time are in 4 weeks because we are doing 8 week transfers this time. Okay last question, no, we are not allowed to drink the water from the apartment, we have a water cooler and yes, we still get fed every day. And the drunk guy I told you about last week in Esperanza, he’s not a member, just a random guy that likes the missionary’s haha. And yes he gave me that skinny tie in the pictures also, that’s all everyone wears here. What do I think of my mission so far? I think it’s awesome. It’s not really hard, but I never really thought it would be. The only struggle was learning Spanish at the beginning and getting along with my companion haha. Okay I gotta go I’m out of time. I love you guys and wish Olivia a happy birthday for me.



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