March 14, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 10 in Argentina

(This week I got a few little blips from Garrison because he forgot to hit “send” and the Internet was really really slow and acting weird. So this is a combination of the blips to me and the blips to his girlfriend.)

This week went by super-fast and was amazing, I had such a great time in Esperanza, that’s the city I stayed in when I had divisions. The city is so calm and different than the one I’m in right now. Ok so it started out with cooking the choris on Monday, it was pretty sweet and I have a couple pics from it I’ll send you later. On Tuesday I had divisions and while walking around the first thing I noticed were the furniture stores with modern furniture. The first appointment was in an area that was so nice and new, but pretty small. The walls in the apartment looked really nice like half of the walls were brick and the furniture was nice dark wood with a sweet bathroom! After we left to go work at like 6 I realized that I was surrounded by modern houses, like legit modern houses, almost identical to the ones in Minecraft that I made haha. They were everywhere and each one was so different and unique. After that we went to the central (meaning the main city) and it has this nice clean park with huge catholic churches all over with flashing lights and stuff haha. We ate sandwiches at a member’s house then we walked back and bought some ice cream. The ice cream here is so different like so many different flavors and stuff, but not as good. Probably mostly because my favorite is peanut butter ice cream and they don’t have that here haha. Anyways, that night was a little rough because I had a bad stomach ache and the next morning I had crazy chorro, which means diarrhea haha. Then I was trying to study and all of the sudden I felt the urge to puke so I did in the toilet of course and it was nasty. I was so sad because I broke my 10 years without throwing up streak! When I got back to my pension I just slept all day because I felt so crappy. Oh yeah in Esperanza we visited this guy and he was drunk. My comp said whenever they visit him he’s always drunk and they’ve never seen him sober. But this guy was amazing. He is fluent in English, French and another language. He writes and translates books and he’s a flippin artist too. He showed me some of his work and it was fricken amazing. He then gave me a sock tie that was red and he said it was to remind me of the blood of Christ. He told me that about eight times haha. On Saturday our baptism didn’t work out because the lady is expecting any day so we are going to wait and do it after she has her baby. But we got a new investigator and he’s progressing really fast. We have like 7 investigators while the other districts in our zone have like 2-3, isn’t that crazy? So you asked if we had a microwave—heck no mom hahahah and we wouldn’t even have room to put one anywhere, that is how small our pension is. So I am out of time, tell Armani and Mackenzie to write me funny things in Spanish so you (mom) won’t know what we are saying hahaha. Love you.



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