March 7, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 9 in Argentina


What’s up mom, I don’t have much time today so here goes. My week was alright, they finally covered the decomposing dog that was on the corner for 6 days so that was good. On Tuesday it rained a ton and we were walking to lunch in just our normal shoes because it was pretty dry near our pension but when we walked to the lunch appointment the main road had a foot of water. I rolled my pants up to my knees and they still got wet, then came the mud. My shoes were covered in mud and right after lunch we had to go straight to our district meeting. When we got back to our pension I took my shoes and socks off so I didn’t get trench rot and those dry max socks actually helped a lot. Not much else exciting happened until Friday when I had divisions with an Elder who has only been here 7 weeks more than me. He had the most awkward and silent lessons, but we got stuff done. He’s from Texas and his companion is from Mexico and they live like 3 hours from each other, I thought that was funny. Okay, so an investigator gave us some filets of fish, like 10 of them and we brought them home and fried some up last night but they were kind of nasty. Actually they were from the Parana River, which looks like chocolate milk so yeah they were gross. Today I am grilling up the chorizo which are some legit sausages, like with intestines and everything in them. I am really going to have to cook them all the way through because they have a lot of blood in them. I have been acting like I know how to cook them all week so wish me luck today. That’s about it, I’m going to get a haircut today and maybe get a jersey who knows. I promise I will send pictures next week. I am going to bring my camera to the bbq today and take some pics. Church was good. We had 5 investigators, 3 of which we were not expecting. Our zone leaders keep telling us we are a good example for the zone because we have the most investigators and most dates for baptism. It’s kind of weird, I don’t know how we have the most, it doesn’t seem like we do that much but yeah it feels good.



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