February 29, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 8 in Argentina


So last Pday was super boring and just after my comp said our zone is boring he decides to sleep all day. He also keeps saying that we don’t have good communication with our district, but they invite us every week to play soccer and he doesn’t want to go. Today we are going. This week went by really fast. Actually the weeks are starting to go by really fast. Next Pday I am going to buy choris (it is a sausage kind of like a brat and you eat them on bread with lettuce and tomato, they are so good) and we are going to have a BBQ at the other Elders pension because they have a grill thing. That should be fun and the choris are kind of cheap, like 300 pesos to feed like 12 people, that’s $20. We got dates for baptism for our family of 7 and they fed us a ton of empanadas and then after lunch they gave us money for a taxi. The date is March 12th but the mom is expecting her baby around that time so I think we might have to wait. We are keeping the date for a goal, I don’t know, that’s what my companion said, but I also think he doesn’t think things through sometimes haha. They are super awesome though. We found a new investigator and set an appointment up but the appointment was set for Saturday at the same time as our conference. My companion didn’t call to change it I don’t know why and the next day we show up and they (the investigators) were super mad at us. I don’t know, I’m fine because I don’t get blamed but my companion needs to know the importance of time. We didn’t reschedule, we are just going to stop by another day. I know I have to take the leadership role quite often, but it’s kind of annoying. Sunday went well, I got to talk with all the other missionaries and they seem to like me, because duh I’m awesome hahaha. Anyway, the conference was cool but it was basically just gibberish haha. The building had air conditioning which was good though. My Spanish is fine, I think, I don’t know, I can’t really compare with anyone else and I probably shouldn’t. 2 Sundays ago I gave a 15 minute talk in church, I impressed myself and the people liked it I think. I will try to send some pictures next week, I might not be able to because there is only 1 computer that can send pictures and its always being used, but I’ll take pictures today don’t worry. Did you guys like the soccer jersey that I am going to get? Its fake of course, they sell everything fake around here. In this store they have Dre beats for $15, T-shirts of Goku from Dragonball Z that say “I’m optimus prime”, super bootlegged, and even $3 Ray Bans. In this area there really isn’t anything touristy to buy, maybe a mug that says Argentina on it or something like that. I don’t know, there’s a Temple trip coming up and the Bishops wife said that across the street some guy sells stuff so I’ll be able to buy a pin and a mug of the Temple. Well I am about to get off and I’ll try to have more to say next week, love you guys.



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