February 23, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 7 in Argentina

There were transfers yesterday that is why we have pday today and no I didn’t get transferred or a new companion so for the next 6 weeks I’m with the same dude. But seriously, this week wasn’t that special. On Friday it stormed like crazy. Like the power was out for 2 days and some people still don’t have it. But our pension had it back in like 7 hours. I actually used my boots and thank goodness I got the tall ones because the road we walked on was overflowing with water. Then right when I was thinking “I’m not wet at all”, I fall into a 3 foot deep irrigation ditch. It was ridiculous and I was soaked during lunch. I ate a chicken heart, I don’t know if I like the taste of blood, it’s weird, it tastes like the grease on a bbq grill. So when it does storm here it is too dangerous to track so we have to stay inside somewhere. I also said goodbye to an elder, he was going back home on Friday, he’s from Honduras. I took a picture with him if you want me to send it. Our family of 7 that we are teaching are doing good. The mom and 2 others came to church and the others said they were going to come every week. At our lesson the mom asked when she could get baptized so I’d say they’re golden investigators. Last pday we were with the zone and we played volleyball and other games. It was in an area about 30 minutes away and it was so nice. No garbage, no dirt roads, no dogs or anything. Everyone kept telling me if you can make it in Ayacucho you can make it anywhere! I think today we are going to hang out at members’ houses. I also think I’m going to buy a soccer jersey, probably the Italian team Juventes, you can look it up. Tomorrow we have a broadcast thing with Bednar, he’s in Argentina, but we will see it on TV. Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was dropping the hammer on my companion. During companionship inventory (we do it every Thursday after weekly planning-it’s from Preach my Gospel) I went off on him telling him everything that he’s doing wrong like sleeping, blowing off appointments and other stuff. It was great and now he actually follows the rules but I have to remind him sometimes to do stuff. Sometimes I feel like the trainer. He was mad at first hahaha but I surprised myself how good my Spanish was when I “dropped the hammer” haha. I don’t know if you got the photo, but I’ll send more next week. I don’t have any more time. Bye I love you and tell Armani he’s a fart sniffer for me hahah.



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