February 15, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 6 in Argentina


Well Carnaval last week was a bust. The only thing that happened was while we were on the bus people threw water balloons at us. The Ward members said they don’t celebrate it that much in this area compared to other parts of Argentina. This week was extremely hot and humid and we did about the same stuff we’ve been doing. I get so so fricken sweaty that when we get back to the pension after lunch my shirt is completely soaked and I have to hang it out the window to dry. My companion never gets hot because he is use to it because in Salta it is hotter. I’m sure I have lost weight because my pants are getting looser haha. And no more mosquitoes now that we have the fan blowing at night so that’s good. We have been walking a lot because we have such a huge area. But when you measure everything with checkpoints, it goes by a lot faster. I’m excited because today we have zone pday and we are meeting up somewhere after we get done here with our emails. There are about 16 missionaries in the zone, I think it will be fun and we are taking a bus there .The family of 7 that we are teaching are good. The mom and 1 daughter went to Church, the rest were sleeping but it was cool because the mom walked all the way to Church which is like 25 minutes from her house and she’s really pregnant. The family is still good though and they really like what we have to say and get excited when we come over. Church was fine, I still am trying to understand better the language, but when we are at lunch at members houses, I can understand bits of conversation, but sometimes I get bored and zone out haha. If I don’t sound too peppy this week it is because it’s pretty gloomy today haha. I’m still writing in my journal which is cool because I write thoughts and updates from the day. This week we ate milanesas all week and it’s good. It’s thin fried chicken but not much flavor. Nothing really has much flavor unless they add a ton of salt, which they normally do. I have been buying yogurt bags and they are good. I also buy flan, it’s super easy to make, just add 1 litro de leche and it’s done. My garments have been fine, they all get soaked but I definitely don’t like the cotton briefs that dad said would help the chafe hahaha they don’t help they hurt. I haven’t carried my messenger bag once because they told us not to in this area because it’s too dangerous. I only carry my scriptures and luckily I found a scripture case left in the pension so that makes it easier. My shoes are good and broken in to. I have to get off now so bye, I love you so much and can’t wait to talk to you next week. Tell everyone to email me.



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