February 1, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 4 in Argentina

Hello mom whatsup, life’s good here. My Spanish is coming along slowly but surely and the Ward is really nice. I got robbed of cookies and got shot at on the bus. This guy came up asking for something and I held up my bag of cookies and said “quire?” which is “want it?” and then he took it and walked away. Then when we were on the bus then it got shot at, it was pretty close to me so that was awesome. My feet are doing better and I’m learning to get along with people despite their differences. Other than that it hasn’t been hot, mostly just humid. The showers are freezing because in the morning its cold. I had to put on more clothes this morning for studies. We taught about 10 lessons this week and have 2 investigators. I don’t know if that is good but since we got whitewashed and the area book is crap I think its fine. Seriously, the area book had 4 less active members and like 6 kids, we’ve met with all of them and have taught them at least twice. I have bought a few things here, like cereal and fruit, I don’t know, I don’t need much since we get fed so much. I also buy chori pan, which is basically a brat, every once in a while from a street vendor across the street, opposite corner from the prostitutes. We get 1400 pesos a month and that is about $100. You don’t need much to live here, I’ve only spent 900 pesos, mostly for the bus. We walk to church, it’s only about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast we walk. And no I haven’t had to teach or anything in the Ward. Last p-day we slept and bought food that’s about it. We still eat rice and chicken but also rice potatoes meat empanadas. It’s all pretty bland though so they add mayo and lots of salt for flavor. I still don’t have pictures because I can’t take my camera outside the apartment so I don’t have much, just pictures of big cockroaches in our apartment. We’ve had 1 zone conference and I don’t know when transfers are, I don’t know much. The time has flown by, already 2 months gone. I got all the pictures you sent and I’ll find out next week if the computers have a card reader. Yes, when we teach lessons I talk. I have some part in it and I bear my testimony. I have a scripture for my missionary plaque, 2 Nephi 31:20. Yea that scripture is good. Love you too and I’ll try not to get shot again. I’ll write something to the Ward next week maybe. Tell the boys and girls to email me and tell Kenzie that he looks like sean garret.



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