January 25, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 3 in Argentina


Mom your email was too long to reply. We have taught 2 lessons to less active members and the days are fine. We study in the morning until about 11 then we walk to our lunch appointment. Then we walk home and relax and then we go out with a member or stuff. My companion isn’t the best with time so we are late to about everything. I don’t know, ask anything you want. This week was a blur and I don’t remember much off the top of my head. I don’t know why this week was a blur, just went by really fast. We got a fan luckily and now the nights are sleepable. On Sundays we go to church, eat lunch, study and maybe meet with people. My companion doesn’t speak English so I’m kind of teaching him. He has 7 in his family and he’s the youngest and yes his family was born in the church and no he doesn’t cook. I’m communicating fine, there are a couple people in the Ward that had English companions so they know a little and we talk, it’s funny. Yes it is really weird to not speak English and my Spanish is a lot better. I can’t really do much when members ask me questions because once they add a new word in the sentence I’m lost. The Bishop is nice and yes I’ve taken a few more pictures but I can’t take it out of the pension unless I have a plan to take pictures somewhere. Yes I have gotten really tan and my feet are trashed. I have like 7 blisters. My pension (apartment) is small and has big roaches. I’ve also used my can opener twice. I don’t really eat at home and basically still eating chicken and rice or really soggy noodles. We played soccer last p-day with other missionaries and members, I bought some food and slept. The ward mission leader is 21 and super nice. He speaks a little English that he learned from his English speaking companions. I have to get off now. I’ll gather my thoughts better and have something for the ward.



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