January 18, 2016


Ayacucho Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Chauque

Week 2 in Argentina


Okay so I’m serving in Ayacucho ward the most dangerous and poorest ward, but the strongest. we’re getting fed every day this month, and by fed I mean we go in to their mud and brick house with no doors and eat rice and chicken, it’s pretty bland but I get hungry. We eat lunch with members and then nap after, never eat dinner. They have tiny cars here and brands like Citroen, Renault, peugeot, and fiat the boys will know these brands there on Forza, anyway most of the people have motorcycles like families of 4 on one bike its hilarious. and there’s no rules on the road. my comps from salta arg so he doesn’t know English at all its quite difficult and he’s 21, my apt is pretty small and hot we had nothing that was required so the bibliotecara is helping us get stuff. The ward is pretty big about 100 in sacrament and we shared our testimonies, I’m learning Spanish super-fast I kind of half to, and the people talk really fast. I think emailing is different every week but I don’t know. At my first lunch they brought out the beast……the blood sausage. It was the grosses thing I’ve ever ate I think, especially eating it in that environment. I’ll email you exciting stuff when it happens. Me and my companion got white washed, meaning this is a new area for both of us, so all we’ve done is meet members and less active members. The ward boundaries are kind of far from our apartment but once you get there all the houses are right there. So far for injuries I’ve had rubbed heels and a quarter size blister and 326 mosquito bites, but a member brought some OFF cream so I’m good now.
It is so hot and humid here and yes I’ve used my moleskin. The Mission Office is 20 minutes from here which is good and we are emailing from the stake center, it’s the same distance as our building. I don’t really know what we are doing today for p-day and a member in the Ward washes our clothes. My companion is nice, he has been a member his whole life and yes I have had the trots but I am too scared to use the bidet. We walked to the stake center and I’ve bought some stuff. I don’t really know how big the town is and if you send anything, send it to the mission office, I’ll give you the address next week and make sure to cover the package with pictures of the pope and the virgin Mary and stuff, the workers don’t open those ones because they feel guilty or something. Tell dad that I am like 30 minutes by bus to the closest Walmart. The church building doesn’t really look like the ones in America and yes I bore my testimony in Spanish and my companion “kind of" knows what he is doing. I think the Ward is in Santa Fe and everyone at the mission office said it was the poorest/most dangerous area. The mission president took us aside and told us to be careful. Heck yes I drink lots of soda and I try my best to respond to the Ward members when they talk to me. They think I’m from DC but I tell them the state and everyone knows my name because of Mike Tyson. We are the only set of missionaries in the Ward and the mission president was really nice. I have taken a few pictures but they say not to bring our cameras outside so not too many pictures. My passport stays locked up at the mission office so I don’t need to worry about the passport pouch. My companion is emailing too and now I am done.



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