December 29, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Schvaneveldt

Fourth week at MTC


Christmas was good. After we got off the phone we went back and “studied” for a little longer and then went to the devotional. It was David Archuletta, he sang Christmas songs for an hour and then told us about his mission to Chile, he got back about a year ago and that’s about it. I don’t need anything else before I go to Argentina I’m loaded mom haha. If anything can you send me my patriarchal blessing, the small laminated one, I forgot that. I also got my shirts from CTR clothing, I didn’t realize how many I got, I’m pretty sure I’ll mostly wear the short sleeve ones but who knows. Missionary blogs are lame because everyone has different experiences and need different things, I guess I’ll find out when I get there. I leave the MTC January 11th in the morning, the other district left yesterday and it’s so quiet and a little boring now. I think my return date is November 14th, 2017 so I’ll be back for thanksgiving. New missionaries came in but they all look like goobers haha. I can’t wait to get out of this place the 1st week sucked, 2nd and 3rd were fun, 4th week was okay, but it’s getting worse. It’s just really repetitive, same schedule 5 days a week gets old. I’m glad Gillian is feeling better! I think my flight is like 6 hours to Atlanta and then 12 hours to Argentina. I email mark lavering, he said Brayden is in his zone haha. I’m glad you liked the bracelets, I picked the mom/flower one out and yes it was my idea what the heck haha. I don’t think I will have to give a talk in Spanish at church because next Sunday is fast Sunday and then only uno mas (one more?). I didn’t go to the temple today because it was closed so I slept in until 10:00 am (while my companion studied the scriptures and stuff haha), it was awesome and that is like the only time ever I have got to sleep in. Some guy that left gave me his down comforter and it’s so nice and warm. Hopefully he didn’t have bed bugs. Some girl got all of the addresses of everyone so I’ll get them from her. I still have a lot of food left, I’ll put whatever I don’t want/eat in a box with “free” on it before I go, don’t worry it will get eaten. Also I was kidding about my favorite scripture that I sent you, but it’s funny though read it (Proverbs 21:19). I am learning more in my scriptures and a lot of Spanish. I feel confident going to Argentina and all I need to know is pray and testify and I’ll learn the rest there. I haven’t given away my BOM yet I was too fricken nervous but they challenge you to place one on your way to Argentina. My journal entries are getting smaller and smaller every day because it’s just the same stuff. Well I have about 15 minutes left and then I am going to go clean my room and then go to a devotional. My room isn’t really that messy but my companion is super clean, he makes his bed every day! We have about 20 people in our ward and there are no assignments of who blesses the sacrament, just whoever gets asked. Okay I’ll talk to you guys next Tuesday.


What’s up how’s it going okay, there is something I need. The district
that left had their parents send them prepaid phones with like 120
minutes or so to use at the airport because I’ll be sitting there for 6
hours until I even have to leave, anyways I would love it if you did
this. Thanks.


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