December 22, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Schvaneveldt

Third week at MTC


I am doing good, no more snow and its just been overcast and rainy these past couple of days, I love it though and yes I’ll try to send more pictures although I haven’t taken very many this week. On Sundays I have church at 1, the priesthood at 2 and then a temple walk until 4. Then I nap and go to a devotional at 7. I haven’t had to give a talk yet in church but I’m not worried. I don’t know what we are doing on Christmas day, all I care is when I get to call you guys. Yes I did get my package with my shampoo, thanks, but it smells weird though like rubber and oil and gasoline, but it works. I have the most food by far and my companion and I are still fine and we get along. I haven’t gotten mad at him yet so that is good. My favorite thing to do here is hang out with other people after gym. We go inside the temple once a week and then every Sunday we walk on the grounds. It’s basically been the same thing since I got here not much new stuff happens but I feel my testimony growing and you asked if I feel things differently—I guess, I don’t know. By the way, I’m wearing my Cole Haans they’re awesome thanks. My companion is going to Santa Fe too and a lot of others going to Argentina, I’m assuming we will all be flying into Buenos Aires together. I like having my iPad, it’s pretty convenient and I don’t know if anyone has gotten in trouble or left yet. I have met a couple of cool guys, one is from Las Vegas and the other is from Huntington Beach, CA. He’s a sponsored surfer and skateboarder, his name is Elder Schloderor and he leaves December 28th to the Buenos Aires east mission. They both are not in my district which kind of sucks. I know some of the guys going to my mission, they’re ok. There are also 4 sister missionaries in my district. I need to get addresses of everyone here that I have met because I can see staying in touch with them after my mission. None of the missionaries in my district have girlfriends, but 4 in the other district. I told my friends that the sock monkey that Alexis gave me is my coping mechanism haha. So far I am not home sick so that is good. I also met a guy whose dad is a chiropractor so he gives us weekly back and neck cracks, it’s awesome. I am about the same as others as far as my Spanish goes, a couple of people are better but they took like 4 years in high school. Food is still disgusting and I think it’s getting worse but yesterday we had Subway and it was all right. It’s snowing right now. I’m glad you sent me food though because everyone says it is good but it’s not and I’ve actually lost 5 pounds. I have so much that I’m going to save some for Christmas and New Year’s. Tell dad I got the cinnamon rolls he sent from dear elder, they weren’t as good as yours, they were store bought ones. We only get to go do one more session at the Temple because then it will be closed. By the way my laundry skills are fine, the washers are simple to use. By the way, my favorite thing you sent were the Lindt balls and I know you guys are proud of me. I sent nana an email and now I just need to send off my thank you notes. Tell Armani he could never kick my butt and “puedo pedir una hamburgessa con queso?”



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