December 11, 2017



The Week I became a missionary

Heavenly Father gives us many tender mercies each day. Unfortunately most go unnoticed. This week I feel I have noticed my first group of tender mercies. Heavenly Father has probably given me many while I have been out here, but these were a little bit more than tender. Friday was the Day I'd become a true missionary, because we were going to bike in the rain in below 30 degree weather. My companion and I were determined to find four that day. So we bundled up and put on 4 pairs of socks and got out of the apartment.
It rained and rained and rained. We received door slam after door slam. Things I feel were starting to get rough. We were soaked and cold, our shoes were filled with water!

Tender Mercy #1. Before we were headed back for dinner we knocked on a man's door who was super nice and actually let us in. His house was warm and we were able to teach him a little of the restoration. (He doesn't count as an investigator because we didn't give him a commitment and set up a return appointment)
Tender mercy #2. After dinner we went out to knock at an apartment complex. When we were done a member family came and picked us up and drove us home (despite our soaked clothes!).
Tender Mercy #3. Brother Riedler came and delivered an extra pizza they had and thought of us! They had a Army VS Navy Game Party 😆

We had a rough day, and despite the cold wind and water that slapped our faces the entire day, although our clothes we wore that day took 2 days to dry, none of that could over power my thoughts of gratitude for the many blessings we received that day. We had found no one that day but I am grateful for our Father's loving hand, for helping us in our time of need. If you get out the door NO MATTER WHAT! The Lord will provide a way for you to bear it!

I was reading across Helaman 5:12 and all of the sudden felt a burning in my heart. I remember learning this scripture my freshman year in seminary. That was a lesson I will never forget, and rereading across that scripture again re confirmed to me how much that scripture has helped me. I've used that scripture to help me get through many things and It still helps me to this day. Christ is our ROCK and SALVATION! It is a simple truth that can easily be forgotten, but we must remember who our Savior is to us everyday!

My companion and I are both working on Persistence. We both feel we have been falling short in that category, so we are both motivating each other to be more persistent on the doors so we can truly be working our best to bring people unto Christ

I truly have been humbled by the weather! I have learned our Savior's love for us. When we truly and Sincerely want to serve him, he will help us, whether it be during or after a hard situation. My testimony of that has definitely grown!

Letters, emails, and pictures are always encouraged and appreciated😆

Love you all in Firestone and beyond!


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