October 31, 2017



First Week in the field

What a week. I personally feel that when you are set apart as a missionary of the Lord you are put on Kolob standard time (KST), because the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.

let me just say that the real world is a lot different than the MTC. for one thing investigators aren't given to you, and you don't get to have Chocolate milk everyday. I was assigned to Fayetteville, which is near Fort Bragg. We have a lot of Military people we talk to here. My companion and Trainer is Elder Malyon. He's patient but he's also pretty firm.He says that I'm slower than his 80 year old Grandma on my bike.

the first Solid missionary experience i've had was with this Girl named Alea. We knock on her door and she starts bawling because she firmly believes the Lord was answering her prayers by us being there. She told us about her struggles with anxiety and her strong belief in Christ. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she started Bawling again. Ive never seen anyone accept a book of Mormon like we were giving her a new car.

nothing like that has come out of tracting again yet. But we talked to this guy on a door step for 40 minutes and he didnt know what he was talking about. he doesnt believe that in all of this great power, God couldnt have possibly placed a baby in Mary's womb so she could birth Jesus. i know. he also told us he believes that God only made us so we can do our own thing on earth and die.... okay?

the coolest thing that happened this week is that on sunday we had dinner with these lass-actives who love missionaries. they had a pool table in the middle of their living room, and we played a few rounds, and the wife is a pro pool table player. Their names were the McDowells.

I think I have a few pics of the mission home we stayed the first night in NC

anyway please keep me in your prayers, this has been a rough transition especially with my Anxiety.

Love you all

Elder Lyon


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