January 6, 2020


Cabeça Carreira


Elder Tanner Norton

Week 23:

This week started off pretty slow but at the same time pretty interesting. On New Year's Eve no one was at home except people that live outside Cape Verde. We spent all afternoon proselyting but didn't find anyone that lives here... other than one guy that's almost always drunk and always preaches to us when he see us. We walked past his house where he was washing his car and as soon as he saw us he stood up and started preaching about the "palavra de  Deus" and how he's a prophet. It's pretty fun listening to him preach because he uses a lot of arm motions and his voice sounds like the male version of the lady in Monster's Inc. that says "I got my eye on you Wazowski."
My area has a TON of corn fields and everyone is harvesting right now so we've had a lot of opportunities to serve. Everytime we see people loading bags of corn into trucks we always jump in to help and I love it. We also got to help Wesley and his family pick corn which was pretty fun. When we got there his grandma tried her hardest to keep us from helping because she didn't want us to cut ourselves on the corn stalks haha I'm sure my mom will be happy to hear I've got people here looking out for my health. She finally let us help and we had a good mornin pickin corn. 
This week I studied a lot about how to be a true disciple of Christ. One of the major themes I found is that the Lord expects His servants to leave everything behind and follow Him, and that includes leaving everything behind in your heart too. I'm trying to do everything I can to leave everything behind, but it seems like this week there was just a ton of stuff that reminded me of home. It's kinda frustrating that this keeps happening but I just have to ask myself "Do I love (whatever I'm thinking about) more than the Lord?" The answer is always "no", and it always will be. I know that Christ is our Savior and I'm thankful for the chance to give everything to Him! 
Hope yall have a good week!
Elder Bennett
1. sunrise from this past week
2. corn for dayz
3. German chocolate cake that Elder Norton's mom sent ('twas very good)


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