December 16, 2019


Praia, , Cape Verde


Elder Martinez


This week started off great and just got better from there. Tuesday we marked 3 baptism dates! Elder Norton and I are trying to be as obedient as we can be and we are really seeing the Lord's hand in the work. When we went to teach Wesley (who's getting baptized this Saturday), he wasn't at home for the second time in a row. We waited a few minutes, and he showed up with his friend. We went inside, and within 5 minutes of talking his friend asked to be baptized. Wesley is so awesome and I can't wait to see what he does as a member of the church!
Thursday was my birthday and it was also our Christmas Lunch (1st pic) as a zone so that lined up pretty well! I got to see President and Sister Amo, all the zone, hear really good trainings, and eat some really good pizza. Then on Saturday we came to Assomada to sing in a choir for a city-wide activity (2nd pic). The whole main walkway in the city was lit up with Christmas lights and they had choirs from different churches singing. It was really cool getting to see all the lights and hear the music. We also talked to a couple drunk people lol a lot of the drunk people here really like talking to the missionaries
One of the ladies that was introducing the choirs said "é paz k nu kre e paz k nu meste" (it's peace that you want and peace that you need). I laughed when I heard that and thought it'd be a dope slogan for someone running for president, but it really is a good quote to ponder during this Christmas season. I know that Christ really is the Prince of Peace and that as we come unto Him we can find peace in any situation. 
Yall have a good week!Elder Bennett


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