October 14, 2019




Elder Silva

Mosteiros Week 4/5

The past two weeks have been a little slow. We don't have any progressing investigators and no one wants to hear our message. There's also a lot of less-active members in our area so we've been trying to focus on them but it doesn't seem to be helping any. It's been hard feeling like I'm not making much of a difference but it's helped me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I've been focusing a lot on being accountable to the Lord in my prayers every night, and I've felt my relationship with Him grow a lot. I'm still struggling to apply this at all times, but I've been focusing a lot on trying to remind myself "not my will but Thine be done." There's a lot of things that are happening right now that I don't understand why I'm having to go through them, but as I focus on trusting the Lord and just doing what He asks, I've been able to find peace amidst a lot of confusion. 

Since I've been in the field I've been studying/ pondering about trials and the pains they bring. I can't say I keep this perspective all the time, but I'm grateful that God loves us enough to give each of us trials. Without the opposition of trials, we would not be able to grow. We would not be able to become like Christ without carrying our own crosses. Our trials may last a lifetime or just a small moment (even though in the grand scheme of things a lifetime is a small moment), but no matter what they will be for our benefit. In 2 Nephi 2, Lehi taught that God "shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." As a random guy on the street said to me, "aye you the guys that work for Jesus right? aye always remember, He pays good" as he points to the sky. I testify that what he said is true. All we have to do is humble ourselves enough to submit to God's will, even if that means having trials, and one day everything we suffered in this life will be turned into a recepticle of joy.
Hope yall have a good week!Elder Bennett
 1st zone conference


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