July 25, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder Bradly Eugene Wolfersberger

weekly email

(Mom: well, Dad got a seat on the Peoria council, what a great Jedi he will make. Problem is they need him asap, so I have purchased a ticket in case we have to fly you home and visit the mission at a later time. I will have more details in the next few days. I talked to Sis Anderson, the mission secretary and they can get you to the airport if that ends up being how things shake out. I should have more details on Monday. I just didn't want to getting an e-mail from southwest and not know why.) Any new updates on how Dad's new jobs affects travel plans? It wouldn't bother me at all to just come home if that needs to happen. If things work out and you still want to come out here, that would be fine too. Either way, I will be ready to leave on the fifth.
Are any other family members coming to greet me home as well? I was thinking it wouldn't be surprising if grandma and grandpa Kiel came to the house when I first get back. (Mom: No, they are in Idaho right now. On the Applegate side, I am not aware that > anyone will be there. I would like to see the Applegate side come to the house to see you rather than making you drive all over to see them. I will ask Dad to contact everyone and see if something can be arranged. I think we will send the weekend after you get back going down to see Grandma Betty & Erin.)
The weather out here is getting really hot. On saturday we spent most of the day knocking doors, and someone told us at one point it had hit 106 at some point that day. We downed a lot of water bottles. I don't really have much to worry about though since I only have to worry
about a few more days total. Some of these other guys are really in for it. (Mom: It has been really hot and humid here also. Yesterday evening after the elders left, Dad, Lizzy and I went swimming and it was so nice. I don't swim a lot but it was really nice.) I have been thinking about getting into a pool as soon as I get home every now and then out here for a while. We have a pool attached to our complex that looks really relaxing.
(Mom: are you having trouble keeping focused or are you already checked out.) I think I'm not worried about it. Having only like 10 days left helps make work easier, because you get the whats the worst that could happen mentality. Plus I can't make the time go any faster, so there isn't much of a point on dwelling on it too much.


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