July 18, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder Bradly Eugene Wolfersberger

weekly email

(Mom: I sent you a message this week asking about church on Sunday when we come. Did you want to attend church or did I just assume that you wanted to attend?) Yeah. I think the Midlothian ward would be best. I had more time there than any two other areas combined. I'm still working on a movie list, but so far I have star wars, jurassic world, the marvel movies I
missed including captain america 2 winter soldier and civil war, x men days of futures past and avengers 2. If there have been any more x men movies since then that would also be good.
(Mom: So who do you want to visit?) In farmville, the the Ludgate's live at 642 cooks rd. farmville va. the Yankee's live at 82 gully tavern dr. rice va. Then in Midlothian the bergman's live at 300 old otter dale rd. midlothian va the mcgills at 1007 kingham dr. midlothian and the teachee's live at 661 blakeston dr. richmond va. If you get some info, feel free to contact people. We will probably see most if not all of the midlothian members at church.
(Mom: Dad want to know what your preference was for a vehicle. I am sure that you want to spend the next 2 weeks focusing on finishing your mission rather than on automobiles, so if you want to worry about it later, let me know.) Lets go with option 4 for a little while. I will have some time when I get home to really be able to sit down and get all that squared away. Right now I just don't have the means to decide what vehicle I want, but it will be pretty high up on the list when I get home. (Mom: I will let Dad know that, he is the one who is pushing getting your vehicle taken care of sooner than later, so I will tell him to just cool his jets for a while.) We can honestly do that as soon as I get off. It will just be a lot easier when I have some free will to look into that kind of stuff again.


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