July 11, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder Bradly Eugene Wolfersberger

weekly email

We're coming up on the last week of this transfer cycle. We find out what happens tomorrow. After that, I have my assignment of my mission. I got a lot of my stuff downsized, so I don't think getting everything home will be too big of an issue.
(Mom: I talked to the office and they said that it would be up to you if we picked you up at your apartment or the mission home and at what time, so let us know what you want to do.) Go ahead and just pick me up from my apartment that day. I'm not really sure when you would like to be by. With the new mission I could end up being even further up north.
(Mom: so if you get transferred or something, please email me and let me know asap. I want to make sure our first night hotel reservation is near where you are so that we don't have a lot of driving to do before picking you up.) Alright. Here they send out an email letting us know where we are headed, so I can send you my new location as soon as I get it if I get moved.
(Mom: There is an opening for a promotion for Dad in the Peoria council. He had a phone interview this last week and is going over for an in-person interview on Thursday morning. At lease he could drive to this one until the house sells and then we can figure out what is going on after that. We are losing confidence that the house sell quickly as we had hoped, it may take some time.) Oh boy Oh boy. Dad could be just like Yoda on the Jedi council sitting in a big red chair in a ring of other members of the council.


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