July 4, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder Bradly Eugene Wolfersberger

First Week in Washington DC South Mission

First week in the DC south. things don't seem to be all that different here. On the plus side it sounds like getting my date moved to the 5th will be doable. I get more details today since we have a P day activity at the new mission home to get integrated into the mission. That leaves only four weeks left for me out here. Hopefully you are all having a great fourth of July together. See you in a month.
I have no idea what time I would be free to go on the 5th. I don't really have much interest in visiting my northern areas. The main one's see are in the midlothian area. that would also probably be the ward visit. It would be cool to spend some time in Richmond, but that is mostly for the area itself. There aren't many members down therein an accessible distance. It sounds like my last three weeks will be in a trio or they might just have my companion stay with another set once I leave. Our investigator actually lives in another ward as it turns
out, so we are having his stuff moved over. He had to leave out of town, but he gets back soon and should keep progressing really rapidly.
(Mom: Are there any things in Richmond that you want to visit?) Just take some time around the downtown area to see all the different shops and stuff in that immediate area. We have a game night planned with a member family, since it might not be too productive try and find people today. I honestly might be more excited for that part.
We just got back from the mission home. The date is set in stone for the 5th. that means you need to be her in Virginia by that morning, which probably means arriving the night before. I got a recommend interview for my expired temple recommend and I need my membership record number if you can email that to me.


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