June 27, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder Bradly Eugene Wolfersberger

weekly email, last one from the Richmond Mission

(Mom: so, you have a big change coming this weekend. I know that you really don't care because you don't have long left but how are the rest of the missionaries feeling about it?) Some of them are taking it just fine. Everyone has at least one good friend of previous companion they are leaving behind. Beget to go to the temple in this mission, so I think everyone is focusing on the good.
We had a pretty average week until Saturday night. We got a call Saturday night from a guy named Tommy who had been reading the book of Mormon and knew was scripture and wanted to know what to do now? We
met with him right after church and talked with him. He said if he could he would be baptized right then and there. We felt impressed to invite him to be baptized this Saturday. We're meeting several more times before then to make sure he is really ready, but that has been a
crazy moment. That pretty much made our week.
(Mom: so has he been attending church? Do you have a requirement in your mission about how many times someone has to attend church before being baptized?) He has not attended so far. I don't think he knew where to go. He only just found our phone number on If we feel he needs time to get more used to everything it won't be a problem to push the date
back. The guidelines are to baptize them when they are ready. That leaves open to the missionaries. (Mom: I am sure you will use good judgement but it is usually not good for the new member to get baptized into inactivity.)
Has everyone figured out who is coming Virginia hopefully on the 5th and what you're driving? (Mom: I am waiting to see for sure what your new release date will be.) We will figure it out this weekend on Friday. Sounds like we will be having individual interviews with the mission president when we meet with him on the first day of the change.


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