June 6, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder David Eames

Pre-Happy Birthday

I am staying and elder Eames is leaving. I got my packages this week. It has been awesome. I was looking into how I might be able to use my bank account since I don't have a local wood forest here. I can set up an online banking option. All I would need is my mothers birthday. Sadly I can't ever seem to remember anyone's birthday but Sam's.
Sweet. I got your packages. I took a picture with some stuff form them that I'll send you. Do you have any idea what kind of card grandma applegate sent? So just to give you the lowdown on my idea. I cant put money into my bank account and I dont want to send large amounts of money through the mail. So I made an envelope where I can put all the money I get from various birthday sources and I was going to transfer exactly as much as I get from my savings into checking. Then when I
get back I can put all the cash i have into savings to get it back to normal. That's the idea I came up with unless something else works better.
(Mom: Did you get your suits?) Oh yeah. I forgot about that part. I did get my suits. They upped the sale since I last checked, so I got some shoes to go along with it. It
was a crazy deal, In a letter I'm going to send you the receipt, so you can see how much it was off. The total could keep increasing as more stuff comes in. But yeah I can do that.
Since I'm staying, there is a professional seamstress that can fit my new suits for me. That was another reason why we wanted to go take a look.

Gareth sent a video, click this link to watch it.


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