May 2, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder David Eames

weekly email

I currently live at 15125 beacon ridge dr. apt 111 in woodbridge zip code 22191. For Mothers day we are looking for a place to skype. It could very well be our ward mission leader who we do that at. I will have them call you the moment we get that finalized. I talked to president Wilson a few days ago about release day. He forgot to get it into the system. So I am still in the process on that one. I should have it within a week.
I'll keep hounding him. Things are going well. The area is really busy compared to my last area, so there is a lot to do. My new companion just got done getting trained, so he is pretty new out.
That brings me to a request I wanted to make to keep myself entertained since we don't have many common interests. I have a book for a game called all flesh must be eaten. Great name I know. The book is about the size of a cook book and Sam knows what it is so he could probably help you get it if need be. Could you send that out to me? It might also have some black grey dice with it if you see those they would be good too but aren't necessary. Look forward to seeing you really soon.
Still district leader. Yeah. At this point i wouldn't really be all that far into being a zone leader before I went home anyway. Our old complex in midlothian had a pool that they had running. I really wanted to just go over and lay down in the water for a minute.
I finally got grandma Applegate's Easter card the day before I left. It had a note in it saying it was returned to sender. I actually told my last companion about the all flesh book i mentioned earlier since he got a similar game that had a medieval kind of fantasy theme. If you end up sending that book, could you send me a confirmation email when you do? We are moving to the address I gave you sometime in the next week or so and we have to make special mail runs until we actually get moved in.
I'm really looking forward to see you all on Sunday. I keep reflecting on how my mission has gone so far now that I am getting close to the time for it to end. It'll be great to see you all in August when it's all done.
I actually just sent Dad. What can I say, I'm just not the most talkative emailer. I have to try and remember to say hi more often. I think I just get thinking that I'll be able to see everyone in person soon anyway and I can't really convey all to the thought and emotion I want to over email.


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