May 9, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder David Eames

weekly email

Spoke yesterday for Mother's day. Did you ever find those dice? I ask because I found out where the gamer location is in the area, and could just go get some if need be. It was good to talk to you all yesterday, even if it makes emailing a day later a little more uninspired.
(From Mom: It was so good to talk yesterday and we are excited to see you in Aug. I will start working on what our plans will be. What are your plans, do you want to visit each of your areas, do you want to just visit tourist stuff or do you want to just come home?) I want to visit a few areas around the Richmond area. I told dad in an E-mail that he should pick some stuff he wanted to see for August. I'm okay to spend several says visiting. I think it will mostly be determined by how much stuff dad
picks out to see since i pretty much assigned him to find the historical and interesting sites to visit.
(From Mom: So you need to think about which area's you want to visit and if there is an area that you would like to be there on a Sunday.) I think Midlothian ward would be the best candidate since i was there for by far the longest. We could probably see all the stuff in my areas i want to see in one day since they are all really close to each other. I know some members would be willing to host us, but i wouldn't want to impose.
(Mom sent the attached photo) I SHOWED MY COMP THAT. caps lock anyway he thought that was funny.


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