May 16, 2016


7th Area - Woodbridge, Va 2nd Ward


Elder David Eames

weekly email

One more week down. I got the date confirmed with President Wilson today. I get released on August 16th. Hopefully everything is going well on your guys end in getting ready some big stuff coming up this fall.
(from Mom: Aug 16th, so I think we will be driving as the price of tickets just doubled. That way we don't have to rent a car there either. As school for Sam starts on the 22nd, he probably will not be able to come along, not sure yet but that is very tight timing for him.) Sounds good overall. Too bad Sam can't make it, but if he doesn't have time there's nothing he can do about that. The car drive ought to be fun.
I emailed grandma letting her know what kinds of restaurants and stuff we had around town so she knows what would be good ideas if she wants to send gift cards. Mostly we have walmart and a papa johns. I'm trying to cut back on the pizza. I was thinking that Grandma Applegate would probably need to know about the whole transfer being a day before my actual birthday, so there aren't any more potential return to sender problems. (from Mom: So I should not send gift cards for Papa Johns sounds like.) Maybe not. My companion is actually trying to lose weight, so I'm also trying not to have stuff like that around. Walmart is always a safe bet though.


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