April 11, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

Another P-Day in the Midlothian with Video

Gareth sent a video, just copy & paste the link

We had a decent number of cancellations this week. We have a really interesting appointment this friday with a family. They will be willing to discuss spiritual things with us if we are also willing to go to chucky cheese with them. This includes all of the stupid coin slot games and ticket stuff. So we of course said yes and that should
be a really weird night. We're already planning on taking plenty of pictures since no one wants to miss that story.

(from Mom: Are you going to want more morning classes as you will be used to getting up or later classes?) Probably morning classes, just not too early. Used to it or not, you are still really tired in the early morning. We are going over to the zone leaders house today to play games and spend our p-day, so that should be fun.

At this point I don't think i will use my bike after my mission since BYU-I is all uphill, and it would be a huge pain to transport and keep maintained. I think there is bound to be a new missionary who wants to get a good bike. I am going to try and sell it.

(from Mom: Jaime says that she loves you, she misses you and she is a looser. She can't wait to see you. [Sam & Mom are in Utah this weekend getting college stuff ready for Sam]) Tell her her i love her and her family too. I'm excited to be visiting when we get back. only a few more months.

(Mom talked some about Gareth's release time and possibly picking him up) Yeah. We can get that finalized. Personally i would not complain if you want to fly out here. If you want to drive because that's less expensive or something that's fine too. If you fly be sure to bring much more suitcase room than you all actually need, since it will be needed to get all this stuff home.


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