March 28, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

weekly email

Things are still all good here. We got a referral last week and have been trying to contact her all week. We finally got a hold of her on Sunday and found a time to come by. That was pretty much the biggest part of the week.
I was going to ask about the usual Easter get together, but now that solves that problem. Was everyone else there with half of us being college age now? What do you think get togethers will be like after moving all the way out west again? Both for the Applegate and Kiel sides.
(from Mom: Sam and I talked some about that on the drive home, with all the Applegate kids mostly in College, he was talking about maybe getting together with them during spring breaks and stuff. I don't think we will do much of the vacation to Illinois like we did when you guys were little. Besides, who knows when marriages and children will start coming along, so things may start to get even more complicated.) That would be about what I would have expected. I don't personally see anyone else in the Applegate side getting married in any kind of hurry.
(from Mom: how did your Easter go?) We had a great Sacrament meeting and dinner with the bishop. In the evening we went to see a recent convert who has been working midnight shifts for a few months, so he hasn't been able to come to church. That schedule ended Saturday.
(from Mom: So your Pres leaves at the end of July and you get someone new for a few weeks. How do you feel about that?) I feel like it wont even matter at that point since I have a few weeks left to go at that point, so I can just sit back and laugh at any weird stuff he tries to implement.


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