March 7, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

weekly email

(Mom: Well, I believe transfer calls where this weekend, so what is the news.) In answer to transfer calls, yes and no to getting a call. One of the AP's called us and said I was being transferred, but with the ward mission plan we have been getting rolling and I being the one person who knows the plans design well enough, I felt like I really needed to stay one more. I called my mission president and asked him about it and he said he would deliberate on it. About an hour later, he called back and said I could stay. I have to keep that under wraps so people don't just refuse transfers on a whim, but I basically asked to extend.

(Mom wrote about progress on the house) Oh joy. Each week I hear about this project, I get just a little closer to coming home and putting some real work into it myself. At this rate, I should give in to those in about five months or so.

(Mom: Dad applied for a position this week at the Univ of Utah in the field he is interested in, so that would be really great if he got it because I would assume that he would get a benefit of tuition reduction for dependents, so tuition could be less for Sam.) That would be cool. Does he want to be a professor? If so, I should come to the U for one semester and take his class to just mess with him. Raise my hand in the middle of class and ask "so you want to play firefly tonight?" then He will say son its class time. Then Ill say "got you want to play firefly tonight?


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