February 15, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

weekly email

How are things in Kewanee? We had a good start of the week, then I got decently sick and we lost Thursday Friday and Saturday. On the bright side I got plenty of rest and had plenty of time to enjoy my new game stuff.
(Mom: We have snow here as well. I got your text with the picture, I assume you were making valentines cookies?) that was at our member dinner last night. Mostly I just ate sugar cookies and smarties.
(Mom: so when is your appointment for your back?) We had it on Friday. It doesn't look like there are any serious problems with my spine. When I mentioned scoliosis they said that it hardly showed up on the x rays they took. They did recommend that I do a little physical therapy and the mission approved 3 visits. They did say that would have to be personal funds. I think I'm going to have them teach me how to treat my back so I can do the exercises on my own. I'll take it a little more seriously now that I'm older.
(Mom: the Realtor came Saturday to see the inside of the house. Anyway, so your zoo wallpaper boarder is coming down. I that you will really miss it.) There is a good chance that I will never even be seeing that house again so it doesn't really matter. Today we have a zone P-day. I got the stuff I ordered in the mail. While I was sick I had plenty of time to put them together and stuff since you literally have to paint these things yourself if you want them to look any better than a metal figure. That is a surprisingly complex process to do.
(Mom: so were you really sick or just wanted to play with your toys?) Ouch. I can honestly say that I was out for the count. Saturday morning I woke up with a migraine, that isn't an exaggeration, at 5 or so. It didn't go away until after 6. I had to give an interview to an investigator in the district for baptism and I was really unresponsive and sluggish in the whole thing.
(Mom: so are you the district leader there?) Yeah. I've been the district leader of a place since my ten month mark. That reminds me I got president Wilson to set my return date for mid august. He basically sets it at two weeks from the start of the semester. That should hopefully be enough to do everything everyone wants to.


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