February 8, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

weekly email

I think yesturday was the least motivated I have been on my mission up to this point. There was a combination of exhaustion from working for 18 months and not having any energy because of fast Sunday mixed with some really annoying back pain and the lack of interest form people because of the super bowl. I don't want to be too much of a complainer, but it all lined up perfectly to make for a hard day.

I talked to the mission medical about my back. He had me taking tylanol or however its spelled four times a day. After about two days I started to get really nauseous so taht isnt going to work real well. He talked about the alternative being going to a doctor and having treatment done. He got all gloomy and talked about surgery and being sent home. I really dont think it will come to that. I've been thinking about going to a chiropractor and having my lower back adjusted. it usually feels like a misalignment issue when it hurts more than a slight ache, so that would hopefully be enough to last until I get home.

(From Mom: Remember that you do have scholiosis and that is a crucked spine. I know that you don't really want to come home early at this point, but if the pain is too much, you need to think about maybe coming home a little early is what is best for you and your future. I would talk to the mission medic and let him know that the tylenol made your sick and see if he can suggest something else. Also remember that tylenol can upset your stomach if you take it on an empty stomach, so try taking it will food. I would also suggest maybe aleeve and tylenol altered, you can take tylenol then aleeve 2 hrs later to get the pain under control and then you could back off to maintain the pain.)

I'll see what he can do. This feels different than what I would feel back home and in earlier months. hopefully its nothing serious.

(From Mom: are you in a bike area or car area. With the bike you have to bend over while riding and that would have a big impact on your back. I am actually really surprised that you have lasted this long, I thought you would have problems with your back long before now and I have always had concerns if you would be able to complete a full 2 years.)

We're in car right now.


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