February 1, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Zach Strong

weekly email

Another week in the field. My new companion Elder Strong is just far along as Elder Leavitt. Looks like im getting young companions from here out. He likes games pretty much as much as me and brought some fresh ideas. That's about all I can think of. We looked at it and I have 30 weeks left.

We realeased the ward mission plan on sunday to the ward in third hour. We have been working on it in some of our free time for over a month. It went really well. The plan is a great idea and it's really easy for people to implement.

(from Mom: so how did your lesson go with the person you helped dig out of the snow, your neightbor I thought?) We taught the first lesson that night and it went well i thought. They weren't there for the return appointment, but who ever is. We try them occasionally to see if they are home.

(talking about his new companion) He likes games a lot too. He showed me this miniature game called mercs and we looked it up at the store. the company that makes it is doing a sale right now. Could I order some on one of those early birthday ideas, since I never have any ideas for gifts when it's needed?

Enjoy your day. Thanks for everything.


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