January 4, 2016


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

The week was an interesting one for several reasons. With the new year week everyone had every excuse that they could think of why this week wasn't a good one. We didn't even really do anything on new years day since we were told only to visit people we were already teaching. We had pretty well exhausted that list in the days leading up so we had nothing. We spent the evening at a members house and played some games with them and talked about some people they have been fellowshipping. The transfer is about half over now and there aren't too many left. It's starting to get a little alarming. We just found out the new mission president's name and the day he comes into the mission on july 1st. We are going to have a president Smith for three years after that. When it gets closer I'm sure I can see about coming home a little early to see everyone before school. It may still be a little rushed but it should work.
It started snowing lightly this morning. It's not staying or making things too bad but it's the first one of the year. (from Mom: We had snow a little this weekend, but just a dusting. Weather is actually really nice today.) That's good for you guys. There isn't really much else going on or anything that I can think of. Sixteen months pretty well runs you out of ideas.


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