December 28, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

Happy after Christmas email

How was the rest of Christmas? Hopefully there was time for the Kiel side of the family. (from Mom: the rest of christmas was fine. After we finished with you there was a lot of dishes to do and general clean up then everyone went to bed. We went to breakfast at the restaurant that Sam works at and then everyone left. We go down to Murphysboro this weekend to do the kiel side. Grandma and Grandpa Kiel came Christmas eve, so we had most of Christmas day with them and they left just after they talked to you. We got you box with your coat on saturday. Do you want me to keep that coat for you in the future or are you wanting me to get ride of it?) If anyone wants it they can use it. I sent it home in case I need it later or if its useful elsewhere. Did you have any chance to look into the Zombie game I sent home. Doom is a little complex for a casual game, but zombicide is actually pretty simple once you learn it. Jasmine sent me a message this week. She wanted to hear all about my mission, so I wrote her a little sum up of some events. I hope you enjoy the Kiel sides reunion with everyone. That being your side I'm sure you look forward to that one a lot more. I'm sure the whole cant think of new things to talk about problem is just as big for you as well. I have not had any real change since Christmas.


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