December 21, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

Good Morning. I got your package yesturday. Not sure how it was delivered on a sunday. Hopefully my stuff made it home as well. (from Mom: I have not spoken with your members about skyping yet. It looks like we are going to have dinner on Christmas, so I am not sure if we are going to have the exchange before or after. How late can you skype?) I have no Idea. The member couple that is having us for skype is feeding us breakfast, so it would probably be in the morning.
This week was really good. We found a couple walking their dog on the street and talked to them about coming over to talk about the church. We taught them saturday and they really connected to what we were talking about.
We got a couple of gift cards from the ward here. I dont know if grandma has my most recent address because she said she sent a holiday card and its not here yet. I always stress taht the mail will mess up at this time of year. Hopefully its just a little backed up.
Did you guys go see star wars? Everyone around here is talking about it all the time. I'll have to be content to watch it in eight months. We keep hearing from everyone that it's so much better than the prequel trilogy, but no one really liked those movies much anyway, so that's not too hard to beat. What did Dad think? He was always the most outspoken about the movies. I kind of want to try and avoid hearing anything about it, so it will be better when I get home.


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