December 14, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

We have a pretty normal P-day today. I can actually E-mail today. (from Mom: We are having Christmas with the Applegates at our house over Christmas weekend. I wanted to know what you thought about us doing the gift exchange while skyping with you so you can participate? I would put you on the big TV in the living room.) I would be just fine being on the TV for the exchange. We didn't get a call for this transfer, so we are both staying. This is my first area for three transfers as well as my first companion for three transfers. I also saw your E-mail about the I-pad. President Wilson sent us an E-mail about the details there. They charge 300 dollars to use the I-pad on our Missions and that is a required cost. At the end of the mission you can pay 80 more dollars to keep the I-pad permanently. That seems to make a lot of sense to me with the cost. I also have some videos to send you of my companion. I catch him doing some pretty interesting things, so he reenacts them for the camera, but all of them are him just doing things.
(from Mom: I got an email from Elder Johnson last week, he & his sister are coming to visit Nauvoo and asked if they could stay at the house. I am not sure when they are coming in January, but that is cool.) huh sounds cool. I was just thinking about the last time he was around a few days ago. With Star Wars coming out this week people are talking about it a lot and my companion is starting to get into the whole star wars craze. I remember a book I had in my room about the I guess made up history of star wars. If there is room could you include that in the box? If its too big or anything don't worry about it. It's packed in the closet with the rest of my book collection. If you see books on the shelf or in a container that should be a good sign. i did want to talk about a few things that are getting closer. One was the day college starts for BYU and Idaho because the MTC is going back to three weeks for english missionaries, so the mission is being extended by a week.
We just found out in presidents email that we still have to use members devices. I also talked with him a little about going home. He wants to push my return date back just far enough to let me get home right before college starts. Let me know some specifics about how much time you think we will need to get home and see all the family and stuff to do and I will see if I can get him to relent some time. By the way we are having Christmas Day at the Youngs.


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