November 30, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

We had a lunch slash dinner with the Van Tassel family. They had a star wars calender up and I asked them about it and found out they were huge star wars nerds. They had an old star wars game called epic duels where you pick a two person team from the star wars movies and fight until only one player is left. I was darth maul and a battle droid. There were also dooku, obi wan, boba fett and some other minor characters. I won (mostly since half of the players were young kids). That was interesting.
I'm pretty sure were going to be able to use our I pads to skype this season, so that could make it a lot easier to plan a time in advance. I don't know how much more you really wanted to spend on Christmas even though that's not the point I'm just trying to be realistic with what I say I would like. There is a star wars board game that you buy additional ships for as new ones come out that is releasing a new set any day. That would definitely be another option.
It's called Star Wars armada. Me and Elder Leavitt played it on p day and we were laughing about how nerdy it was the whole time. I'll send you the picture he wanted me to pose for. We live just up the street from a game store that sells armada stuff if it would be easier to get sets here. I have all that I want from the current release, but a new one comes out in a week or two that would have several that I have on my hopeful list.
(From Mom: what's up with the stop sign behind you in the picture?) Some elders found it over a year ago and now it has signatures from all the elders who serve here. I just found out two of the kids of a woman that was baptized in Richmond also just got baptized this month. We were really worried she would go less active since the elder that was taking over the area was going to really drop the ball. Sounds like after he was pulled out the next guys did much better.


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