November 9, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

We have another zone p-day today, so I can send emails when not doing that. I'll be on most of the afternoon, but a little more infrequently. I got Elder Leavitt really excited to try and get into BYU as well, and he would like to room. he will have almost a year left when I get back, so that could wait for a while.
(from Mom: The Elders were over last night and the new greenie is a toothpick and I was talking about how we could not get pants that were small enough for you and how we also got larger ones for when you gained weight. I was thinking that I had not see a picture of you recently to see how skinny you are or not.) I haven't gained much weight since I came out, but I have gotten a little. I still use most of my clothes.
(from Mom: So how did you like the Bacon Jerky?) We forgot about it for about a week, but as soon as we found it again it was gone in like five minutes.
(from Mom: I thought you would enjoy the star wars stuff, they are king of like legoish. I am not sure if you know that there is a new star wars movie coming out in Dec, so star wars stuff is really being marketed right now. I even got some star war cereal a few weeks ago, it was okay the marshmallows were the best part.) Yeah, we see the whole advertisement campaign whenever we go grocery shopping. I keep harassing him that i'm going to spoil all the movies he is missing out on when I get home.
Before I forget, we got a car this week. Apparently there was an extra one lying around. So n we somehow need to acquire a GPS. Got any extra ones lying around? (from Mom: Just go to Walmart and get one about $100) Sweet. You probably remember how bad I am at knowing my way around. We were about to be really lost now that we actually have to stay on the roads. If we tried to do half of the stuff we do on bikes in this car, we would never be allowed to drive again.
Does everyone have plans for a Kiel or Applegate thanksgiving reunion. I remember you always loved to go and see everyone for thanksgiving. Got any Christmas plans for ho and when you want to get stuff out here? Last year the whole hundred day package with an iPod worked out pretty well, so I don't have any previous experience. There always seems to be an annoying transfer day that I'm up for right also. (from Mom: I have started getting things for you and I will send your package to the mission home so that it can get to you regardless of any transfers.) Sweet sounds good. Never really sure how everything works for everyone back home. Especially when I get moved every three months or so.
(from Mom: I am so bored at work these days. I don't ride the train anymore, so I don't call prospects on the way home anymore. I really don't want to take time out of my home time to make calls, so I am not doing as well in the sales area as I was.) Really sorry to hear that. Sounds about like what a zone p day feels like right about now. (from Mom: The elders are at our house doing laundry and e-mail, so I could not go home during lunch. It is nice to sit down and relax before having to come back here and look busy while sooooo bored. I just want to go home, I could really use a nap.) Sorry to hear that. Sounds kind of like watching the Kewanee Vitamin Lady store most days. At least there I could watch Star Trek or read a book or something.


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