September 21, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

last letter from Farmville

Dear Family,
This is officially my last day in Farmville. A lot of people around the area have talked about how they enjoyed my time here. I really feel like I was well like here. I plan on taking some notes on the addresses of a few families that it would be worth it to come and visit on a possible tour of the places where I served. The branch presidency and some of the stronger families have talked about how things were going in this area before I got here. I also got to spend a little time here with one of those more defeated elders. I think I am leaving the area with a good amount of things to work on and some great work potential. Now I just have to hope things go well even after I am gone. It seemed like I was the drive for things around here a lot. That would be expected when a missionary is new. I have some bad experience with people taking over one of the areas I saw so much good stuff going in and just really drop the ball big time. When I left Richmond we had seen several investigators make it all the way to baptism and more people really looking toward that idea during our time there. When our time was up my comp went home and I moved here at the same time. The new Elder was in the other half of the branch when we left and hot moved to the other half. He got to train a new missionary and had plenty of stuff to make it a great experience. I knew he would be less concerned with the work than I would like, but I got to talk a lot to a missionary who replaced him in the other half and he just gave up on everything.

I found out that as of right now my entire MTC goup of Elders is doing some type of leadership assignment in the mission. Everyone seemed like a good bunch and now everyone is needed to do something. I think we all get those moments where it would be so much nicer to be able to just be a basic missionary and have no extra assignments or responsibilities. that doesn't look like it will be the case for now at least. In these three transfers I am responsible for the orientation of two new missionaries. I was just thinking about how I had companions who were out longer than me for a long time because that how you start off. Now I am beginning to be one of the more senior missionaries in the mission. I think this has been one of the easiest transfer calls I have gotten so far. I was expecting it from day one. This branch is one of the harder ones to just drop off from though. Now that I actually really know how to interact with a ward and work together to get stuff done I think I am getting closer to them. At least the last branch was so spread out and no one lived in any one area, so leaving them behind was much easier. I also remember that Dad said when I left that the Relief Society would be a great help and especially the president. Around here I have seen some UNHELPFUL relief society presidents. It's just been bad luck, but I always think that's king of funny. I'll send something in my new area and let you know where I go, but I'm losing the typewriter. Its just way too bulky. - Love Elder Applegate


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