September 14, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Family,
This fancy typewriter even has a caps lock on it. This has really been a interesting week so far. We got to run a five K event for P-day this week. That was something everyone was so excited for. Everyone loves using their p-day time to find out how quickly they can manage to run a little over three miles. I can do it in a little over thirty five minutes. That was president Wilson's idea for a mid year fitness activity. He usually does a month long fitness craze at the beginning of the year. He also announced that we would be doing the Book of Mormon read-a-thon this year again. Just like how we all last year read the whole Book of Mormon in one week and didn't do anything else all week unless we had a specific appointment already set up. To finish that off we also have general conference which out here takes all day both days to watch. We basically won't be doing anything for like nine days in a row. This was really cool last year since I had been out for like a month. I can tell from that, this will be one of the longest weeks of the mission. I also have to spend almost 24 hours at the mission home just a few days before for a mid mission meeting to talk about being half way done. This upcoming week and a half could get really long.

The mission has had this unofficial rule that bans the use of magic cards for a while now. Everyone cringes when someone has them around. I don't really care about that, but since the mission president doesn't want us to use them, I just stopped a long time ago. I am currently at the point where I am pretty much decided to get out of the magic for good. I am getting rid of all the cards I have out here that only take up space in my luggage at transfers and do nothing. I even decided that everything I have lying around back home is no good to me now and I won't want them when I get back. I guess Sam or some of the Applegate cousins can have them if they would like. About a month ago I found a game at a store that really got my attention. It's called Zombicide and you play as on of six characters and all work together to try and find supplies and better weapons and intimately try to complete some objective. The game is really fun and every p-day some of us that just want to relax play it. We all work together to not get eaten or overwhelmed, so no one gets the short end of the stick. If everything lines up right one of these guys might make some good roommates in college when we all get home. The other two that play were MTC companions and came out three transfers after me. I'm sure Mom has noticed that my account has had some spending money from various means. I even sold an Elder a gift card for a same store I got a while back. I hate having cash on me because it's not really secure, so I put it all in the bank to be used later.

Did I ever mention my recent convert who went to jail wile I was in downtown Richmond? We got a referral for an awesome woman who jointed the church a month after we met her for the first time. About three months before that she was at a Walmart and the register broke. The employees were being idiots and didn't really do much to help her get things sorted out, so she got fed up and left with like 20 dollars worth of supplies and food The week after she got baptized and confirmed, the was arrested for that and got three months in jail. Right about now should be the time when she is getting out. She was a super committed person the while time we were teaching her. She also wrote us a few times in jail to let us know how she was doing and that she was looking forward to getting out and coming back to church. I left before I ever got the change to see her again. That was a hard day to take when we found out she wasn't doing to be able to see us ever again. She's still good though. Another recent convert from that area is moving to Utah soon, so I hope I will get to look him up when I get back form my mission. I'm almost done training here and I might see my sixth area for my thirteen month mark. Hopefully everyone enjoys. - Love Elder Applegate


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