August 17, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Family,
This has been a really fun week for all of us. I don't think I have done more tracting during the whole last ten months of my mission that I have done here in this one area during the last two months. I guess if I have to teach a new missionary about what to do on a mission, then getting him broken in to knocking on some doors and hearing all the excuses in the book will be good for him to get out of the way early. He seems to enjoy the area more than I thought he would be able to. It might be because he hasn't seen anything else in Virginia yet. He cold very well end up bing here for four and a half or even up to six months the way things usually work out. I wold be amazed if I got asked to stay past the time when the formal training period is over with. I've never gotten one of my transfer predictions right though, so it could be the way it works out with my luck. I think I'm so used to spending a little bit in an area and then leaving that I wouldn't really know what to do with myself.

We had a sister that wanted to buy us some groceries this week in case we were ever going hungry. That doesn't happen very often in the mission field so it is always much appreciated when it does happen. She got us a lot of microwave meals, which we were okay with since we tend to be in a hurry. One thing we found in the bottom of a bag that we were eager to give to another set was a case of ramen. We have no more need for any more ramen noodles, trust me on that one. The Buckingham Elders took it though, so it won't go to waste or anything.

Interestingly, the new Elder we got into the district likes to play games on P-day a lot as well. Both him and his companion are very willing to play a game during our hours we have off to find ways to relax and entertain ourselves. It sounds like he was a little surprised and impressed by the kind of games I have here that we play. They're a little bit more intense than your usual game of Monopoly. It sounds like he enjoys those kind of games more anyway though, so it all works out great. We played an old dungeon exploration and monster killing game I found in an old cupboard in Culpeper which we all seemed to enjoy. I play the guy in charge of the board that makes all the monsters move. The first time we did it, the player split up in all different directions, so my turns came and they lost big time. The second attempt went much better for them as they learned to be more cautious. So that was how we got to have some fun and take some time to get away from all the stress this week. I feel kind of bad since the other half of the district wants to go play sports and we are depriving them of half of the players, but we get over that, and they still play just fun with their amount. Hear from you next week. Much love from Elder Applegate


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