April 27, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

Letter to Lizzy

I've been asking Mom a lot recently about how and what you were doing. She has mentioned that you are doing a kind of speech team in school. That sounded fun and Mom even tried to e-mail me a video about that but it didn't work. I also asked about what thinking on moving while I am gone. Sounds like you wouldn't min going back to Utah. That would put you really close to Jaime and her family. I would even be going to college really close, but Utah only has hot and dry for weather. That's a long time away though; no need to worry about it now.

Being a missionary is a lot of work but a lot of good stuff too. We study the scriptures for an hour every single day, which is actually really cool to do. Once you actually want to take time to read the scriptures, you really start to learn a lot about God. Now I know so much stuff, people out here have me teach about Jesus to them. Everyone who will listen learns a lot, so if you become a missionary when you get older, people will look up to you as a professional on religion.

To do honest it is a lot of hard work. Missionaries do a whole lot of stuff each day and there are no real days off. I however know that I am doing Christ's work out here and God supports his missionaries. Have fun and remember what you believe.

Love, Gareth


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