August 10, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Mom,
I wrote Lizzy a letter this week for her birthday. I guess the letter home in general wan't enough this week. I didn't want to make too much noise at the time since it would have been a little more distracting than using a pen. The ink ribbon was looking a little down there for a minute. Things are going well up her still. We lost one of the missionaries as he was in the middle of training a new missionary to the transfer calls. He wan't too happy to be leaving. Another missionary in the district got told he would be finishing training someone in the mission and that he would be staying really close so he didn't need to come to transfer meeting if he didn't want to. that pretty much means he is going to the other area to finish up training Elder Griffin.

Elder Griffin had a ingrown toe nail on this big toe. That sound really familiar. I got to take him to the doctor while my companion helped his companion go to some appointments. He got emailed part of his insurance card but there was still a part he needed, so I got to call his mom and ask that to be sent out. That has happened twice now on my mission so far and its kind of funny when it happens. I remember that my second companion called you around Christmas for something that needed to be done at that time. His process to get it taken care of was much easier than mine was. He went straight to the foot specialist and got it taken care of in the first try. I got to watch them do everything to his toe that they wouldn't let me watch as they did it all to my own toe. I described it to him later and he was a little shocked. He did try to get the nail out with a knife, so it couldn't have been too big a shock. Elder Miller really like the game collection I have acquired over the time I have been in Virginia. We spend some time playing something every P-day when we have a break from the usual game of football or something. I told him his new companion will be an Elder that I heard was being transferred that everyone tells me really loves to play board games also.

Being a district leader really isn't that bad after all. I do feel a good deal of responsibility for my district and I want to help them all succeed as much as I can. It looks like I am decently well liked by those whom I serve with. We all enjoy our time together.

Elder Bair my greenie is a bit quieter around me than some others. I think it just because I am a much more serious guy than he is really used to. He has a very all is well just go with it personality. It seems to do him well in his relations with others, but I sometimes worry how proactive he will be in getting stuff done when I leave, which I am almost sure I will next transfer. Everything fits with the typical training aftermath and with my own record. He has told me himself he would feel at most comfort just taking it one minute at a time and not planning anything out. That works well enough in college life, but it might be a problem in the mission field. Hopefully I teach him well what to try and do and to at least have a good work ethic and everything else will be just fine. He talks often enough about what spending six or seven months in Farmville would be like if he actually ended up doing it. We'll see in six weeks. This last transfer felt like the fastest one yet by a little while. It's almost getting scary how quick they seem to go by. Sometimes I think of home for a moment and before I know it, I'll be home thinking about the mission. That still has a way to go yet though. Love you all and I think about you when I can. - Elder Applegater


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