August 3, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Mom,
As you can tell the typewriter is back. It was at the Buckingham Elders house for a while, but now I got it back. This was a pretty interesting week for us all down here. I got to go on an exchange with the Buckingham Elders in their area just yesterday..That was when I got the typewriter back. While I was out with Elder Searle, we visited a less active sister who had a small toddler that was playing out on the porch. He thought everything in my shirt pocket was so interesting. Anyway, this kid got a hold of my name tag. I thought he would be fine to play with that and what could be really do to it anyway. After about 10 seconds of having it in his hand, he proceeded to put it into his mouth at an angle he could git part of in. It came back a little on the moist side. Overall I would say it was a good day outside of my area. I'm not sure what really got done down here in Farmville because two trainees who had been out five weeks together calling the shots. It was probably good for them to see how to do things without a trainer.

Everything in Farmville is moving along. The area wasn't as easy to get going as I would have liked but everything seems to be picking up. I can tell Elders haven't been to motivated here to get work done in a little while. The Elder that left when we got here was depressed a lot and never wanted to do anything. We have in the time we have been here found several good people to teach, and we hope some will be committing to be baptized soon. The ward is also getting more excited to do work with us. Some of the members remember people they want to go see with missionaries from a while ago that they want to get back into the process with. We have also seen some miracles happen as we have tried to find those who are prepared and seen people come from the weirdest places that are willing to talk to us. We also get the great privilege of converting our entire area book or books in our case onto the I-pads. This is mostly a really annoying process, but it does lead us to some people that we think we would like to try and contact again that have just bee lost in the area book. Things with these stupid I-pads should go a lot smoother once we get all of the stuff we need off of the paper copies and into the digital age of missionary work. I would say overall things are going great, but I am pretty much out of time. Now that this thing is back, I'll write more frequently though. Love Elder Applegate


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